Adolphe Jean Marie Cassandre (1901 - 1968)

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12 x 28
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The hammer price for this large format poster Nov, 15, 2014 was 210,000 Euros + commssion. A.M. Cassandre is considered as the best Art Deco poster designer of all times.
He created the great L’Intransigeant poster. Cassandre’s work was seen as a bridge between the modern fine arts and the commercial arts. Despite his affinity to the fine arts he always believed there should be a separateness between disciplines. The success of his posters probably lies in his philosophy that his posters were meant to be seen by people who do not try to see them. He designed hundreds of posters, among them posters for the apéritif Pivolo (1924), the newspaper "L'Intransigeant" (1925), and Pernod (1934).
The ambitions of the paper and its editor are reflected in Cassandre’s poster design. The composition is based around a pictorial design that includes a newspaper boy, in profile, shouting the day’s top story. The newspaper
vendor is abstracted so as symbolise the editorial personnel of the paper.