Antique Original French Champagne Poster

Vintage Posters – Valuable Art – Appreciating Art Values.


Rare original  1902, Leonetto Cappiello,  turn of the century antique French Champagne stone lithograph.

Authentic original vintage posters are appreciating art assets; owning valuable art.   Famous artists such as Leonetto Cappiello; the world master of modern advertising created original masterful poster art.   His work, such as this famous Champagne poster,  is sought by collectors around the world for the stunning and colorful designs.   The old stone lithograph vintage posters that have survived are an appreciating asset that increase in valuable and more become expensive over time.   Original Champagne posters, such as this one are highly collectible and rare.

Appreciating Art Value

Original antique posters by famous artist are known to appreciate over time.   These original antique French stone lithograph vintage posters are not created any more and many were done by the world’s most famous artist as a new form of art:  The Poster.    Cappiello’s artwork is loved by most everyone making his designs some of the most popular.   Even if you do not know this artist by name; you definitely know his famous artwork.    If you like or love his work it means there are thousands of other collectors who love it too!


Notable Artist and value for money.

Original antique posters by famous artists are an easy way to have fabulous artwork in your home still at affordable prices.   Some of these artist such as pop artist Andy Warhol could make you wealthy if you have purchased his artwork only a few years ago.    Beautiful antique posters always have collectors searching to add them to their collection and this demand maintains and increases their value over time.    When you purchase an original antique poster you love, it usually means that thousands of others love it.   Most important is to select the vintage poster that you love.   It will live comfortably in your home for a lifetime.


2 thoughts on “Vintage Posters – Valuable Art – Appreciating Art Values.

  1. I have worked with Gary and The Vintage Poster over the past 20 years and appreciate the gallery’s help in finding and creating my small collections of original vintage posters.
    Yes, Cappiello’s posters are almost a drug. Once you have one; you will want another and another. The fact that these old posters continue to get more valuable every year makes my investments a great choice.
    The fact that they don’t make them like they use to is an understatement. Making a stone lithograph that actually was printed to be displayed on the street and then damaged by the sun and rain; torn down, and then replaced seems difficult to accept based on their current value. But then again that is why the supply of them today makes them so rare. I love mine.

    • Hi Josh,
      thank you for your great comments on the old posters and your collection that you have built over the years.

      Our customers love their original posters but normally never comment on them on blog sites. Thank you for taking the time.

      Gary Gibson

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