The Vintage Poster Gallery of Laguna Beach Custom Frame Shop

What you need to know when creating custom framing for original vintage posters.

  1.  Custom Framing can protect your valuable antique posters by using the correct UV filtering glass or plexiglas.

    The Custom Framing use of UV (ultraviolet) of the glass or plexiglass from sun bleaching damage help protect your artwork.   Most UV protection that is available for your artwork is between 98.5% and 99.5% UV protection.   (This can be for both UV-A and UV-B).   Note that ultraviolet rays don’t only come from the sun; but also some forms of fluorescent lights and possible other sources.    The proper selection of the UV filtering glazing is the single most important aspect in protecting your original vintage posters and other art.    It can be difficult to see the difference between the UV protection quality that is not to be confused with reflection control glass or plexiglass.    The Vintage Poster Gallery in Laguna Beach has a selection of every known quality of UV glass and plexiglas in both UV qualities and reflection control or museum anti reflective..

  2. Selecting your custom frame and frame shop.

    The custom framing for your original antique poster at The Vintage Poster Frame Shop compliments your design.    When designing a custom frame for your antique poster it is important to match the style of your framing to the antique poster and where it will hang.    An art nouveau frame on an art deco antique poster can destroy a custom frame creation.    A hand wrapped linen mat can make your artwork more alive; normally using a contrasting color pattern to the edge of the antique poster.   You can make a less expensive antique poster appear more valuable and more interesting when creating your custom framing using good framing designers who have experience in creating outstanding custom frame craftsmanship.   We will help you by showing and explaining the different available quality frames and custom framing mats.

  3. The Vintage Poster custom Frame Shop

    Acid free backing is automatically used on all custom vintage poster and artwork frames.   The correct wire strength or “D” hooks are automatically used appropriate for your antique poster custom frame.   Protective dust covers are applied on the back of your custom frame as well at the Certificate of Authenticity.     These additional custom framing details are always handled for you.    The different requirements between an antique vintage poster or an original oil painting are done to custom framing industry standards!    We handle all these details for you at NO additional charge.

You can experience why clients drive from San Diego, Los Angeles and the entire Orange County area to have their antique vintage posters turned into world class artwork.     You will be proud to ‘show off’ of your custom framed artwork.   The quality craftsmanship design of your custom frame is our reputation.


The Vintage Poster Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.
Wall of Frames

1492 South Coast Highway #4;  Laguna Beach, CA.   92651    Tel:  (949)-376-7422     Open Tuesday – Sunday

In the ART CENTER across the street from the Surf ‘n Sand Resort


  1. Gary and Brian, at The Vintage Poster in Laguna Beach have framed a total of 12 vintage posters, drawings, paintings and prints for our family within the past ten years.
    I trust their advice and craftsmanship explicitly.

    What I love most about working with them is that they always work with my opinions, and are open to experimenting with many different types of frames and matting.
    Honestly, both Gary and Brian have suggested ideas and combinations of frames within frames that have produced outstanding results !

    They taught me that choosing a frame thoughtfully can magnify the beauty of your art and put focus on the most important details.
    I would be more than happy to share photos of my framed art with anyone who is considering framing at The Vintage Poster.

    • I am thinking of having a very large vintage poster framed at this shop. I would love to see what they have done for you! Thanks.

  2. My one stop shop for all of my custom framing needs. Gary’s taste in framing is impeccable and I trust him completely. He is my go-to for all of my poster framing needs. Looking forward to coming in and framing my next one soon! The frame choices and quality are unparalleled. You will not be disappointed.

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