Vintage Poster Linen Backing and Restoration

Linen Backing is an archival acid-free linen backing used to protect and preserve original posters.   We highly recommended this method for almost all old posters.    American posters printed after World War 1 are normally printed on a wood pulp paper that deteriorates.  The acid-free backing is a combination of the original vintage poster mounted onto two acid-free products.

1.) First:  acid-free paper

2.)  Second:  linen or cotton backing.

A  ph neutral museum reversible wheat-based glue is used for this purpose.    Next, we clean and then gently mount the poster to the linen and acid-free paper.  We are using museum reversible wheat-based glue.   Your vintage posters fold marks and creases are smoothed to lie flat.


Restoration is the repair of a vintage poster.   Repair is done for your poster after it is linen backed.   Repairing a damaged antique poster can be difficult. The poster may have to parts recreated during the repair process.    Movie poster original theatrical fold marks are touched up..   Poster restoration is done to bring life back to your valuable vintage poster.

The Vintage Poster only works with poster linen backing and restoration.   We do not do other types of artwork restoration.

Laguna Beach, California, Orange County, California, the great Los Angles area, and San Diego bring in your old posters for an estimate.   You will be proud to display your artwork that will look great!

You may contact us for your linen backing and poster restoration requirements.  We service all areas of the United States.