Antique Poster Shop
The Vintage Poster in the Art Center; Laguna Beach, CA.

The Vintage Poster: Best Antique Vintage Poster Shop and Custom Framing Gallery

Welcome to The Vintage Poster:  The West Coast’s largest antique vintage poster shop and custom art framing gallery.

The Vintage Poster Shop and Gallery resides in ‘Laguna South Beach’ in the original 1942 Art Center Courtyard.   We are open Tuesday – Sunday to the public.    The Vintage Poster Poster Shop is the largest certified antique vintage poster gallery open to the public on the West Coast.

The Vintage Poster website:

will provide you a huge insight into the treasure of antique and vintage posters that awaits your visit.    Antique advertising posters that are the start of color printing by the method known as stone lithography.    This antique poster shop will show you the change from black and white to Jules Cheret early form of color printing.   These original vintage posters would be your introduction to color printed art prior to the discovery of electricity, the invention of the radio and later on the fabulous black and white television!   The Vintage Poster Shop and Gallery features early advertisements for European liquor, travel, bicycles, automobiles, oil, tires, opera; music, rock and roll, military war, and then your movie posters.   A great selection of every group is available to you here in this poster shop and searchable on the gallery website!

Antique Vintage Poster and the artists:

The old antique posters were created by very talented and mostly famous artists.   Only the most talented artists were used to create the (antique) posters; printed one color at a time.    This printing process could take several weeks to a couple of months to print 1 run of a stone lithographed poster.   The earliest antique posters printed were known as ‘hand pulled stone lithographs’ prior to the invention of the electric motor.   Many of the great artists were drawn to this new form of printing color printing.    Jules Cheret, the father of the poster; Leonetto Cappiello, the master of modern advertising, Alphonse Mucha, the father of Art Nouveau, Adolphe Jean Marie Cassandre, master of art deco, Roger Broders, master of travel posters, Bob Peak, master of the modern movie poster, James Montgomery Flagg as the image of the United States as Uncles Sam.   Antique Vintage Posters allows most people to own artwork by some of the world’s greatest artists at affordable prices.   All posters prices are published and available on our website.

The Vintage Poster Gallery as a Museum.

Take a walk back in time with a visit to this unique antique poster shop located in ‘Laguna South Beach’.    After your visit walk across the street to the wide sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean, or pay a visit to the Surf ‘n Sand Resort and the beautiful Spashes Restaurant.      We are next door to the Selanne Steak Tavern owned by Teemu Selanne.    We are also just minutes away from the famous Montage Resort who will bring you and pick up you at our front door!

The Vintage Poster Shop and Framing Gallery:   Your personal invitation to view and purchase great antique poster art!

1492 South Coast Hwy #4    Laguna Beach, CA. 92651

Tel:  (800)  558 – 7552


Antique Poster Shop
The Vintage Poster in the Art Center; Laguna Beach, CA.