Marcellin Auzolle (1862-1942)

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Inconnue Liqueur - framed
c. 1895
46.25 x 61.75
INV. #:
Framed, original French poster. Extremely rare and rarely if ever seen image from the artist Auzolle. The poster is art nouveau belle époque in the time frame of the late 1890's. Risqué as a topless lady with wings holds a bottle of the very old liquor high above her head. Stone lithograph, linen backed. The poster does have some minor issues, but from our records, this is the best Inconnue poster; as it appears to be the only copy of this poster available. NOTE; Online orders, shipping charges for an extra oversize frame is expensive.

The attached image will show you detail of the art nouveau frame on this original poster. The frame is 4.5" wide and 3" thick with a large fluted scoop. Aged old gold finish. Museum 98.5 UV Plexiglas. This antique poster is definitely ready today to hang in your home.

This art nouveau angle draped with a green scarf flowing from her head holds a bottle of Inconnue high in the air. The Belle Époque image showing the nude breasts of this angle places the poster at the turn of the century. Tax stamp above the blue angle wing on the top left.
Liqueur de haut gout; digestion - reconfort.

The name Inconnue which in French is 'unknown' often referes to the unknown age of spirits and liquors and would mean (age unknown) is the oldest quality. It can also be unkn own quantity.

This information was sent from France about this ultra rare poster.
aging is of interest for cognacs and whiskeys kept in oak barrels but not for liqueurs : the liqueurs are kept in glass containers so as not to distort the taste of the plants. In fact, like many liqueurs, its name has a link to the chorus of a popular song at the time, in this case, «la Sérénade du Pavé» of Eugénie Buffet.
I think that it is precisely the daring nature of this representation of a naked woman which meant that this drawing was not adopted to advertise the Unknown nor to appear on the label where only the face of a woman appears against a star background.

This is an Original FRAMED Lithograph Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is professional acid-free conservation mounted, linen backed, and in very good condition.

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