Harrison Fisher (1877 - 1934)

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Have you Answered The Red Cross
28 x 30
INV. #:
Horizontal format World War 1. Harrison Fisher became nationally known for his illustrations of beautiful women, known as the Harrison Fisher Girls; and this original linen backed red cross is a perfect example of his incredible work. "Have you answered the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call." Classic appeal of pretty nurse with hand out in plea in front of line of marching Doughboys.
From the Red Cross: The Red Cross nurse was considered a heroine, in fact and fiction. During World War I, the Red Cross enrolled 29,000 professional nurses, and 20,000 of these served with the military. In France alone, Red Cross personnel staffed twenty-four base hospitals that were operated jointly with the army. These hospitals treated nearly 92,000 wounded soldiers. The working conditions were often primitive, and the hours long and exhausting. The stamina and dedication of the Red Cross nurses became legendary, and inspired popular songs such as The Rose of No Man's Land and novels like Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms.
Have you answered the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call
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