Georges Rochegrosse (1859-1938)

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26.25" x 34.25"
INV. #:
Antar, artist: Georges Rochengrosse. Size: 26.26" x 34.25". Year: 1912. Archival linen backed in very good condition; ready to frame. This poster was printed by Maquet Gr. PARIS.

Original linen backed stone lithograph:
Antar was a 6th-century Arabian warrior-poet. Opera was in rehearsal at the Opera in 1914, when the composer died at the age of 36 on the very day war was declared. The performance was canceled and the opera was not given until nearly 7 years later.
Excellent condition. Music: Gabriel Dupont. Theatre National de l'Opera.

This is an Art Nouveau period French advertising poster for the opera Antar. This poster features a large image illustrating a scene from the opera, showing a triumphant knight on a horse standing on large rock. Surrounding him to the front and sides is a dully colored rocky landscape, and on the left side of this landscape is a glimpse of a battle scene. Above and behind him the sun touches the mountains creating vibrant colors of oranges, pinks, and greens, which creates a dynamic contrast with the bright, blue sky in the background. This stone lithograph was created by M.G. Rochegrosse.