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Farrell Lines Happy Ships Sunny Skies
28" x 43.5
INV. #:
Original vintage poster: Farrell Lines. Happy Ships, Sunny Skies. Farrell Lines United States to South Africa. Archival linen backed in very good condition, ready to frame.

The image, created by an anonymous artist, displays some of the activities available on a Farrell Lines cruise ship. It was a long travel period from New York to South Africa but it is portrayed as a pleasure trip.
About this poster: The Farrell Lines Company was established in 1948 by sons of James Augustine Farrell, the president of US Steel. It was previously known as American South African Lines (ASAL). It created a regular passenger and cargo line between New York and South Africa. The ship had a capacity of approximately 180 travelers with nicely furnished rooms and accommodations. Stops along the line in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Marques in Mozambique.

Like all great vintage posters this created a desire and demand to travel on the luxury cruise lines around the world. This would have been a very long journey and a pleasurable trip.

This is an Original Lithograph Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction.
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