Richard Amsel (1947-1985)

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21.75" X 28.75"
INV. #:
Original poster: Bette Midler. Linen backed original poster created by the poster artist Richard Amsel. Very good condition with the original fold marks restored.

The great design using the outline of the outside of the poster to come in and create the lettering of Bette Midler. The bottom lines keep her platform shoes (and orange toenails) inside the image. Amsel subsequently designed the cover of Bette's second album which is this image, she billed herself as "The Divine Miss M". “She’s 5’1” . . . absolutely dizzy, and rarer than a homemade honeybun” raved an awed reporter in 1972 about the singer-comedienne Bette Midler, then performing at New York City’s Continental Baths. “Her hair is “red as a Pomegranate. . . . Her bosom is formidable. . . . She moves fiercely on tiny feet strapped into the highest platform wedgies since Carmen Miranda.”

Richard Amsel, an emerging talent who had recently won a nationwide contest to design the poster for Hello, Dolly!, caught Midler's energy and flair in his 1973 poster. Midler’s accompanist, Barry Manilow, who produced her first and second albums, admired Amsel’s work, and Midler agreed he should design the cover and advertising art. Amsel's stylized strutting figure graced Midler’s second album, promoted a national tour, and here announced her appearance to sold-out audiences at New York’s Palace Theater in December 1973. This is a vintage poster by Richard Amsel, promoting Bette Midler’s legend.

This is an Original Lithograph Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is professional acid-free conservation mounted and in very good condition.

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