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Cahill (John Wayne) door panel #3
20.5 x 60
INV. #:
Original linen backed door panel for the movie Cahill. J.D. Cahill is the toughest U.S. Marshal.
This is the rare long narrow door panel poster for the movie 'Cahill". Western.
Starring John Wayne, Gary Grimes, George Kennedy, Neville Brand, Clay O'Brien, Marie Windsor, Jackie Coogan, Paul Fix, Denver Pyle and Harry Carey Jr. Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen.
A series of 4 of these door panels were created; all with the gun in different postions.

Wayne will be remembered most as the quintessential Western star who carried his six guns longer and fired straighter than anyone who ever plied his trade in the wild west.
At the end of the 1960s, Wayne returned to westerns with The Undefeated (1969) and True Grit (1969). For the latter,
Wayne was awarded his sole Oscar for Best Actor. During the 1970s, some of Wayne’s best work included Cahill U.S.
Marshall (1973); Brannigan and Rooster Cogburn (1975); and The Shootist (1976). In his review of The Cowboys (1972),
New York Times critic, Vincent Canby, stated that “Wayne is, of course, marvelously indestructible and he has become an
almost perfect father figure.”