Roger Broders Biography

Known as the best travel poster artist of his time frame; Broder's posters are highly sought after and command  prices above all of his contemporaries.
Roger Broders designed stylish images of the fashionable resorts of the 1920s and 1930s, which are now amongst the most avidly collected of all travel and tourism posters. Roger Broders’s designs are generally greatly simplified and rely on the use of bright colours and a limited use of letters in contemporary and fashionable fonts of the time to create a strong visual impression. Most of his most famous travel posters feature elongated figures in fashionable contemporary clothing and were designed to promote glamorous Riviera resorts, including Juan-les-Pins and Villefranche.

Broders was born and died in Paris, he was a Parisian by all accords but Danish by name, Brodersen.  He visited every place he drew, he did not participate in any of the sports he often recreated in his images. He was a cigar aficionado, gourmet and loved to pass time in cafes drinking coffee,