Marcello Dudovich Biography

DUDOVICH, Marcello (1878-1962)

Born in 1878, Dudovich attended school in his hometown of Trieste, Italy. Along with his father he worked as a lithographer and illustrator of advertising posters. He also became involved with the blossoming cinematographic industry. In 1900 he was awarded the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris and in 1920 and 1922 he participated in Biennale of Venice. Dudovich was one of the most acclaimed advertising poster artists of his time. Influenced by Penfield, Hohenstein (his friend and teacher) and Mucha. He developed his own style, very graphic, with rich colours. He become the official poster artist for Mele, the great fashion department store.

He had a long and prolific career.

Posters include:
Vermouth Bianco Isolmabella
Mele & Ci.Napoli
Italiani Ricordate!
Cicli DEI
Per la libertà e la civiltà nel mondo, sottoscrivete...»