Luciano Achille Mauzan Biography

Born in Gap, France, he worked mainly in Italy and South America during his career. He is another fine draughtsman with an active imagination. His career was mostly devoted to producing advertising posters for a wide variety of goods and services. From a fairly sensible start producing quite straightforward images in a representative, naturalistic way, he soon finds his feet as the creator of lively, expressive and jaunty imagery, full of character, caricature and lovely drawing. His self-portrait depicts a grinning man with illustrations shooting out of slots in his bald head, making him look rather like some demented pop-up toaster.

He was commissioned by the Italian government in 1916-1917 to create 6 war posters.

Reference:   The Posters of Mauzan
A catalogue raisonne by Mirande Carnevale-Mauzan, available from Posters Please, New York NY (Nov 2001); 224 pages, over 500 colour illustrations; 24 x 32 cm; softcover; in English.

(1883-1952, French) Commercial artist, graphic designer, illustrator, engraver, painter, sculptor.

Born in France, Mauzan would begin his life as an illustrator in Italy in 1909, working for Ricordi and other topnotch printing firms. He remained there until 1927, when he and his wife were invited to Buenos Aires. There he continued a frantic pace of poster production until 1933, when the Mauzans returned to France, where he would continue his work for the rest of his days.
Mauzan produced well over 2,000 posters during the course of his long, prodigious career. [Rennert, PAI-XXXVIII]