Jean Picart Le Doux Biography

Jean Picart Soft the, born one in Paris on January 31, 1902, did not receive any specialized vocational training: after some courses followed in private academies, it makes its beginnings in the binding and the edition.

In 1933 it gives up the edition for the Graphic arts and publicity. It exposes its first works in 1935, with the Billiet-Vorms Gallery and until 1940, extending in this field its activities, takes part in various demonstrations and obtains, with the Living room of the Imagery, the 1st Price of the Poster of theatre. The meeting in 1940 with Jean Lurçat was for him determining: it is interested consequently passionately in the revival of the tapestry without however giving up the graphic arts, and carries out in 1944, for Leleu, its first paperboards (decoration of the steamer “the Marseillaise”, and, in 1946, takes share with the great exposure of the Museum of Modern art).

Apart from exposures particular to Paris, (Gallery of France, 1950) in Lausanne and Zurich, Jean Picart the Soft participle with all the presentations of groups in province and abroad as well as to the Living rooms of Independent, Autumn and Artists Decorators.

Vice President of the Association of the Painters - cartonniers, member of the Committee of the Company of the Artists decorators, from the Living room of Autumn, the Union of the Visual arts and the Board of directors of the House of the French Thought, Jean Picart the Soft one received important orders of tapestries for the Chamber of Commerce of Paris, the transatlantic general Company, the maritime Transport, the Foundation Solomon de Rothschild, the French College in Lisbon.

Some already of its tapestries were acquired by the Museum of Modern art, the State-owned furniture, the Manufacture of the Goblins and one of them, the “Cérés” by the Polish State. At the end of 2005, two single tapestries of almost four meters in height carried out for the bar smoking-room of the first classes of the France steamer reached 66.000 euros each one with the biddings has Cherbourg.

Although it is, like all the cartonniers and artists who took part, following Jean Lurçat, with the rebirth of the tapestry, scrupulously subjected to the constraints of the traditional technique of the high times, large point, restricted tone numbers pure and solid, primarily monumental optics, the personality of Jean Picart the Soft one, her tastes, its imagination, its sensitivity, more connects its works with “Noble pastoral”, poetic and alleviating scenes of the “Life seigneuriale” conceived and carried out in the workshops of the edges of the Loire that to admirable but fabulous bestiary of the Average Age.

It seems that the artist, marked by his graphic research gained an exceptional direction of the composition there, “page-setting”, going sometimes until a certain linear examination which softens the heat of woolly fibre and the harmonious agreements of rare tonalities.

The flowerets, the stylized grasses animate curiously stressed funds of white points where, kind of personal mark, almost always the grace of a familiar bird hides discreetly, This style if characterized admits, while preserving its essential elements, a large variety of topics. Single characters: “The Winter”, “marine God”, “the Harlequin” centered in the middle of a plentiful decoration of stripped trees, algae or foliages; certain compositions yield to a more intellectual inspiration and it is “Cosmogony”, with its great Beaches of silence rythmées by the letter; they are the sumptuous ones and dense dead natures: “Terrestrial foods”, “the Music” or “the Garden with the Frenchwoman”, of a noble classicism, the fairy-like and architectural imagination of “Paris”, the unforgettable poetry of “Snows” or the merry quivering of wings of this hanging to the primitive graces and a mélodieuse harmony “the Birds fly away”.

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