Bemis Balkind Biography

Charles Reimers, creative director at Bemis Balkind. “A film studio usually hires two or three shops, such as ours, to get started on a movie campaign. Each shop presents their work to the marketing department at the studio and 99% of the time the person making the final decision isn’t present. The marketing guy then presents the work to his or her boss, the president of the studio, and then the work gets shown to the producers of the film. Once it gets to the producers, then it needs to run a gauntlet of yet more people, depending on the movie and the actors involved. Sometimes big name actors get creative call on poster artwork. There’s a big rabbit hole you have to shove this work down and if you’re lucky, your work can get to the end of that process without being shifted and watered down and changed too much. By the end of it, you hope you’ve got something you can be proud of.”