Arnold Friberg Biography

Artwork is normally signed A. Friberg.

More than 200 Mountie pictures Arnold Friberg has painted through the years, this one stands alone! For while the former ones were created first for use on calendars and advertising for The Northwest Paper Company, this special commemorative subject was painted purely and exclusively for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Cecil B. DeMille was planning his immense production of "The Ten Commandments". DeMille was in need of an artist with both "the rare talent and inner vision to set down in paint, all of the power, the color, the human drama." After a long search, which included Europe, a publisher friend in Sweden sent DeMille prints of Arnold's scriptural illustrations. Demille knew he had found his artist.   Arnold worked with Cecil B. DeMille for over three years on the epic motion picture "The Ten Commandments" as his chief artist and designer.

In1990, Mr. Friberg and his wife was invited back to spend another six weeks residing in the Buckingham Palace in diligent preparatory sittings and studies for his commissioned undertaking of a splendid equestrian portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and Centennial. Being commissioned to paint these royal portraits would mean that Mr. Friberg's name would be included in a list with such great artists as; Rembrandt, Velazquez, Raphael, Rubens, Van Dyck and numerous other masters who had painted portraits of the Royal family.

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