Andrzej Pagowski Biography

Andrzej Pagowski Born 1953 in Warsaw. Graduate of Poznan Academy of Fine Arts. Specializes in poster, commercial graphic, book illustration and lay-out, satirical drawings etc. Since 1972 cooperates with numerous magazines. In 1992 has become Art Director of Polish edition of "Playboy". In 1990 created his own graphic studio. Annual award of "Hollywood Reporters" for film posters (1986).

Awards: 1978 -3rd Prize -VIII Biennale of Graphic Design, Brno (CS) International Exhibition of Advertising Art & Poster 1980 -3rd Prize, 1981 -1st Prize, 1984 -1st Prize, 1986 -1st Prize, 3rd Prize, 1987 -1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize, 1988 -3rd Prize, 1990 -1st Prize, -Key Art Award, Posters -The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles.