(Charles Hallo) ALO Biography

Talented posterist, ALO, designed over 100 posters for the French Railway.

Charles Hallo, born in Lille, was a painter, illustrator, engraver and photographer. He studied at the École des Beaux-Arts, and joined the military in 1914, where he picked up photography, and eventually became a lieutenant.

The son of the painter Vernon-Bellecourt. Influenced by his artistic father, young Charles was groomed as an artist and educated in lithography at the printing houses V. Prost, J.E. Blanche and Ch. Cottet. ALO continued his studies, which eventually served him well as he earned a scholarship for his skill in 1911. The scholarship enabled him to study and travel throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.

He created posters for railway and marine companies, including PLM, Chemins de Fer and the Red Star Line. La Baule, in Brittany, is primarily known for its beach.