Food and the War!
American Wheat to Win!

Food and the War! WW1 Vintage Poster

Food and the War!  American Wheat to Win!

U. S. Food Administration No. 22, original World War Rare Vintage Poster

“If food fails, we cannot hold out”

“Send food and we will win through”

Wheat is the Test!
Thus Far We Have Not Saved Enough
WHeat is the Test
Follow Directions

Food and the War!  American Wheat to Win!

This is a very rare and basically unseen U. S. Food Administration World War 1 original vintage poster.   The above is taken in part of the text from this U. S. Food Administration WW1 vintage poster.   A copy of this poster was send to the Library of Congress for inclusion in the American World War 1 vintage poster collection.

Food and the War!  American Wheat to Win!   The bottom of this WW1 vintage poster that provides the American public with directions on what to personally do in the home.

Cut the use of Wheat to the limit.  Households keep within an allowance of one and one-half pounds of wheat flour per week for each person.  Many home are using none at all.

Public eating places keep within an equal allowance for every 21 meals served.  Many hotels and restaurants are using no wheat at all.

Every purchase of flour to be accompanied by at least equal weight of other cereals.  Purchases to be limited in quantity.

Bakeries to be limited to 70 per cent of their previous consumption of wheat.

Beyond this — your country asks it — let all save more who can.



The newly created United States Food Administration, headed by Herbert Hoover during World War I, regulated the supply, distribution, and conservation of food during the war. It’s goal was to save enough to send surplus food to the Allies.

The World War 1 original vintage poster shows the difference in the U. S. food supply today and what was happening in the world during WW1.   Who, today, would sacrifice most basic needs for anyone?   If we forget, we may have to learn again!