Professional Framing

The Vintage Poster is known for its quality products used when creating the correct frame for your antique posters and personal art.

You get the right look for your art. With 4000 corner samples we also have the availability to order additional moulding styles from top manufactures. We honestly believe in taking care of our customers and helping them find the framing that’s right for them.

Preservation Framing

The moulding is only one consideration in  framing.  To protect your art from sun damage the ‘glazing’ or glass is what protects the artwork from dangerous ultraviolet light. You will be guided in the options of UV conservation glass; reflection control glass; anti reflective glass, Museum 99% UV glass, UV Plexiglas and UV reflection control Plexiglas. At at the top of this list for oversize art you have Optium Museum Acrylite.


We recommend archival material. Our specialty is hand wrapped mats that can be created in various colors using linen, silk, suede, satin, and cotton materials. The custom mats allow you to have selections that are oversize and larger than standard sizes. Yes, we also have all of the current style of museum, archival, and buffered paper mats as well.


We specialize in museum and conservation framing:

  • Vintage European Posters and Collectible Movie Posters
  • Serigraphs, lithographs, and limited editions
  • Watercolor and original works on paper
  • Oil or acrylic paintings
  • Fine Art
  • Diplomas and Certificates
  • Photographic art and family photos.
  • We can handle your small and your large and oversize artwork

We are able to provide you price quotes for all of your artwork needs

We keep on file your previous frame orders so that we can duplicate an existing frame.