Raymond Ducatez (XX)

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Felix Pernod Feli 45
46 x 63"
INV. #:
Rare, Linen backed excellent condition original Felix Pernod "Felix 45" Raymond Ducatez Feli 45 lithograph in colours, c. 1930, printed by Felix Pernod. Your Green Fairy.
From the "Green Fairy" site they indicate the following regarding this liquor.

"Actually Felix Pernod was not a "real" Pernod, but rather a name chosen for marketing purposes. The firm of Abel Bresson, based at Fougerolles was, by 1915, one of the larger distillers, producing 80 000 hectolitres of absinthe and 150 000 hectolitres of other spirits. In 1912 they bought the firm of Edouard Pernod, specifically with the intention of capitalizing on the Pernod brand name. After the ban on absinthe shortly afterwards, they focussed primarily on vermouths and quinine drinks, but in the early 1930's they announced their intention of launching a new Anis, under the Edouard Pernod brand. The successors of the Pontarlier Pernod Fils company then sued them, successfully, for trademark infringement. To get around this setback, Bresson launched its new Anis in 1935 under the name "Felix Pernod".

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