Valentino Sarra (1903 - 1942)

If You Talk Too Much
14 x 20
INV. #:
Original: THIS MAN MAY DIE ORIGINAL VINTAGE WWII POSTER. Artist: Valentino Sarra (1903 - 1942). Size 14" x 20" Archival linen backed original World War II antique military poster; ready to frame.

A sailor looks out of a porthole. He wears an enlisted service dress blue uniform. If You Talk Too Much, This Man May Die is a 1942 U.S.A World War II propaganda poster by Valentino Sarra. Like many posters dealing with the theme of "Loose Lips Sink Ships",Sarra's composition focuses on the sailor peering out from window of a Navy vessel. The close portrait of the sailor makes a personal appeal to the viewer. The composition allows the viewer to imagine their loved one as the helpless sailor at sea, subject to the dangers of leaked information. The theme of "Loose Lips" was a major concern during the war and resulted in many iterations of the warning in wartime poster art of this era from the United States. This is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction.

Linen Backed and excellent condition World War two propaganda poster.

1942-0-482161 United States. Government Printing Office.
A powerful message about discussing secret operational plans.