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Satan's Bottle
9 3.8 x 12"
INV. #:
Original vintage cartone. Excellent condition
The book reads in English and in French.
"One day in the middle age,
Satan went in the cellar of an old casle. There he founds this bottle opened it and tasted it contents, charmed by the delicious flavour of the good Brandy which was in it, he could not put it down but empty, leaving the form of his hand engraved forever on the glass of the bottle. This is the legend of Satan's bottle.

As for every famous product, Cognac has its legend. It is said that the secret of double distillation was discovered in the 16th century by the Knight Jacques de la Croix-Maron. It is thanks to a nightmare that Cognac saw the light of day : Satan, wanting to have his soul, tried to boil it but did not succeed. It is when the devil threatened to reboil it that the knight awoke suddenly and became convinced that by distilling his wine a second time, he would allow his wine to express itself in a new