Frederick G. Cooper (1883-1962).)

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Save a Loaf a Week
21 1/8" x 28 3/4"
INV. #:
SAVE A LOAF A WEEK - HELP WIN THE WAR. Original WW1, 1917, U. S. Food Administration antique American poster. Artist signed with initials, Frederick G. Cooper (1883 - 1962).

The U.S.A. entered World War One in April 1917, but lost no time in producing many more propaganda posters than any other single nation.
During World War I, the people were asked to come to the aid of their country in some way. These posters would be distributed throughout cities and hang on building walls and shop windows. One of the greatest sources of propaganda/patriotic posters was the United States Food Administration.
During the war, food became a key tool in fight. The United States produces more food than any other country and was making a profit by selling a portion to the Allies. At the time, President Woodrow Wilson appointed Herbert Hoover to take command of the U.S. Food Administration.

This SAVE A LOAF A WEEK poster suggests that if you limit your consumption of bread, you would be doing a small part to ‘help win the war’. The phrasing used adds an emotional attachment.

This original SAVE A LOAF A WEEK antique propaganda poster is quite rare and a desirable image for decorating a kitchen. Original poster printed by the U.S. Food Administration during World War 1.
The poster has been archival mounted on linen and ready for framing.