Albert Brenet (1903 - 2005)

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Vers la France Chargeurs Reunis
24.5" x 39"
INV. #:
Vers la France Chargeurs Reunis. Artist: Albert Brenet. Size: 24.5" x 39". Mid Century Modern vintage European French travel poster. Original; linen backed.

his lively and colorful scene shows a group of stylishly dressed ladies walking across a street in front of a city scene of beautiful buildings, an outdoor cafe, and people milling about. In the bottom left corner of the poster it reads, "Compagnie maritime des Chargeurs Reunis." In the top right corner of the poster, in a periwinkle-colored, fluid sketch-like handwriting it reads, "Vers la France," meaning, "To France."

Check out the artist biography if you like this poster... It is very interesting. Artist: Albert Brenet, who recently celebrated his hundredth birthday, is surely the last of the true adventurers, having spent his life sailing the oceans of the world as the French Navy's official artist. Very fine original condition.

He was born in Harfleur, near Le Havre, in 1903, and 'at home, the talk was always about the wind, the sea and the ships'. Then there were the three-masters with their exotically perfumed cargoes of spices and coffee.