Charles Dana (C. D.) Gibson (1867 - 1944)

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February Scribner's
15" x 20"
INV. #:
Linen backed. Scribner's Magazine was first published in January 1887. It is claimed that Charles Scribner's Sons spent over $500,000 in setting up the magazine that would be able to compete with the successful Atlantic Monthly and Harper's Monthly. W. T. Stead, the editor of Review of Reviews, argued that the "strength of Scribner's lies in the illustrations". One of the most important innovations introduced by Scribner's was the use of full-color illustrations. When the first of these appeared in 1900 it created a sensation in the magazine world. Over the next few years Scribner's used the work of artists such as Howard Pyle, Howard Christy, Charles Marion Russell, Walter Everett, Maxfield Parrish and Frederic Remington. Circulation continued to grow and when Theodore Roosevelt had African Game Trails published in the magazine, sales reached 215,000.

Scribner's Magazine ceased publication in May, 1939.