Adolphe Crespin

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Paul Hankar Architecte Pl. 61
11" x 15.25"
INV. #:
Framed Original Maitre: Paul Hankar Architecte Pl. 61. Drafting tools (triangles, rules, etc) as well as bees and their architecture, the honeycomb, are incorporated into a most effective design for Crespin's colleague, the architect, Paul Hankar. "The poster 'Hankar' is in every way perfect. The principal subject, positioned just right, is interpreted in a very modern style There are many details, but they are chosen with such pleasure and arranged with such taste, such discretion -in a single word, such tact-that far from removing importance from the principal subject he lends it more value, creating a particular atmosphere, technical if I may say so. The warm and vivid coloring further adds, if that's possible, to the merit of this print which remains on of the best - if not the very of Crespin.

Framed with hand wrapped suede mat, filet, and museum 99% UV reflection control glass.