James Montgomery Flagg (1877 - 1960)

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James Montgomery Flagg - The Seeds of VictoryJames Montgomery Flagg - The Seeds of VictoryJames Montgomery Flagg - The Seeds of Victory
The Seeds of Victory
22 x 33"
INV. #:
THE SEES OF VICTORY INSURE THE FRUITS OF PEACE. James Montgomery Flagg. Professional archival linen backed; ready to frame.

Originial, linen backed, James M. Flagg vintage World War 1 poster. Flagg is best known for his political posters, particularly his World War I recruiting poster featuring Uncle Sam pointing at the viewer with the caption “I want YOU for the U.S. Army” (which is a self portrait of himself as Uncle Sam.) This poster, produced in 1918 by the War Garden Commission, is one of many James Montgomery Flagg created for the war effort. This image is also used on another poster with the caption “Will You Have a Part in Victory?”.

During World War I, many citizens planted Victory Gardens, vegetable, fruit and herb gardens, at homes and parks. These were designed to reduce the pressure on the food supply while boosting morale. The National War Garden Commission, organized in 1917, launched this war garden movement as well as a poster campaign encouraging the planting of these gardens.
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