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THEM The Incredible String Band
18.5" round
INV. #:
Original: Kaleidscope Hollywood, California poster. Them / Incredible String Band/Sons of Champlin. Van Morrison had left Them two years previous, but they were still an enjoyable live band. Incredible String Band were a unique Scottish folk duo on their first American tour. The Sons of Champlin, a San Francisco band who had not yet released their first album, were on their first trip to Southern California. Eidos Ltd. 1968, No. 13.
The Kaleidscope was a dance club that opened in 1968 on Sunset Strip. The club has a round dance floor that rotated and they also booked some of the best banks (including the Doors). The club only stayed open 6 months before changing hands and its name. There were around 20 posters created in their series. Rare and difficult original to find today. Excellent condition. Today, this club is Nickelodeon On Sunset