Walt Disney (1901 - 1966)

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The Aristocats
22 x 28"
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Never Folded, excellent condition. The Aristocats, the 1971 Wolfgang Reitherman Walt Disney feature-length animated feline alley cat musician musical cartoon ("A purr-fectly wonderful new cartoon feature"; "Get with the cats who know where it's at!"; "Meet the cats who know where it's at... For fun, music and adventure!"; "A tune-filled animated extravaganza"; "Look to the name Walt Disney for the finest in family entertainment."; "Dig These Cats... And all that JAZZ!"; "Meet the cats who know where it's at... For fun, music and adventure!"; "Berlioz - Toulouse - Marie - he plays - he paints - she sings") featuring the voices of Eva Gabor ("Duchess - the creme de la creme of Paris catdom"; sister of Zsa Zsa Gabor, best remembered for her starring role in TV's "Green Acres"), Phil Harris ("O'Malley - the swinging king of the alley"), Hermione Baddeley ("Madame - cat lover extraordinaire"), Roddy Maude-Roxby ("Edgar - the butler who serves nothing but trouble"), Nancy Kulp (best remembered as "Miz Jane" in TV's "The Beverly Hillbillies"), Paul Winchell, Sterling Holloway ("Roquefort - the big cheese detective"; long-time character actor who later provided voices for many cartoon characters, including Winnie the Pooh), and Pat Burttram & George Lindsey ("Napoleon & Lafayette - hillbilly hounds who get to the seat of the problem" NSS# R73-151

Size: 22" x 28" horizontal format.

This is a genuine U.S. half-sheet ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTER issued by the studio when the film was released and meant for theatrical display.
This poster comes with a Certificate of Authenticiity.