Ville d'Anvers La Glorie d'Anvers
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Original linen backed vintage travel poster for Ville d'Anvers (Antwerp, Belgium). The expression "Ommegang" meaning "procession" is derived from the old Flemish words. The glory of Antwerp.
Brussels' Grand Place is packed with spectators, including the Royal Family and their guests, for the annual Ommegang, or "walk about" in Dutch, the major annual event in the city since 1549. Although historians believe it began as a religious ritual in the 14th Century, the huge parade and festival is now devoid of religious connotations and focuses on local folklore and heritage. Dazzling and colorful, the Ommegang evokes the procession organized to commemorate Charles's "Joyous Entry" into Brussels on June 2, 1549 when he, his son Don Philip, infant king of Spain and Duke of Brabant, and his sisters, Eleanor of Austria, Queen of France, and Mary of Hungary all watched as representatives from the crafts and trades of the city, as well as crossbowmen processed around the Grand' Place.