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Join the Crusade
9 x 14
INV. #:
Join the Crusade buy Defence Bonds. Linen backed original war poster that shows a torch burning in the crusade above the British Flag. W.F.P #103. Issued by the National Savings Committe, London, the Scottish Savings Committe, Edinburgh and the Ulster Savings Committee.
the image is placed in the upper three-quarters. The title and text are separate and positioned in the lower quarter, in red, in grey and in grey with black shadowing. All set against a white background. image: a depiction of a hand holding aloft a Union flag, raised on a flag pole. A flaming, wooden cross is tied to the top end of the pole. text: JOIN THE CRUSADE BUY DEFENCE BONDS W.F.P.93 Issued by the National Savings Committee, London, the Scottish Savings Committee, Edinburgh, and the Ulster Savings Committee, Belfast. PRINTED FOR H.M. STATIONERY OFFICE BY FOSH and CROSS LTD., LONDON (51-7430)