C.E. Turner

R. S. M. Caronia Cunard Line
19.5 x 21.5
INV. #:
Original, linen backed travel by Cunard Line cruise ship R.S.S. "Caronia" horizontal poster.
Caronia Cunard Ocean Liner Original Antique Vintage Travel Advertising Poster in excellent condition. Launched on 30 October 1947, she served with Cunard until 1967. She was nicknamed the "Green Goddess". With cruising in mind, the new ship - soon to be named Caronia by Princess Elizabeth - received many different features from her Cunard White Star fleetmates. An outdoor swimming pool was a new thing, as was having a bathroom in every cabin. However, unlike modern cruise ships her accommodation included two classes, first and cabin. To distinguish her from Cunard White Star's liners, the company decided to give her a different colour scheme. Instead of going for the usual all-white cruiseship look, Caronia received a unique livery in different shades of green, making her highly attractive and instantly recognisable. Another striking feature of the ship was her funnel, one of the largest ever installed aboard a ship. Printed in England