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Odongo - Adventure on the African Frontier
27 x 41 inches
INV. #:
Original one sheet, linen backed, film poster for Odongo, printed in 1956. NSS 56/300.
Cast: John Gilling, Rhonda Fleming, Albert R. Broccoli, Ted Moore, MacDonald Carey, Francis de Wolff, Juma, Eleanor Summerfield.

In this jungle adventure a Great White Hunter travels to Africa to capture exotic animals and sell them to zoos and circuses. This disgusts a lovely veterinarian who thinks the animals should run free. To assist with the capture and care of the animals, the hunter hires natives. One day the hunter fires one of the locals. To get revenge, the former employee frees the animals just before a wealthy buyer is to arrive. Unfortunately, the hunter blames an innocent young boy for the crime. Heretofore, the boy believed the hunter cared for him. Distraught he runs off into the dangerous wilds leaving the vet and the hunter to put aside their differences and search for him.