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Under Mexicali Stars - Rex Allen
26 x 40
INV. #:
Original 1950 vintage movie poster: NSS [US] 50/660. Under Mexicali Stars spotlights Republic's newest singing cowboy, Rex Allen. Our hero plays a U.S. treasury agent, hot on the trail of gold smugglers. It's a plot as old as the movies itself, but Allen was a fresh new personality in 1950, thus the film takes on some of his freshness. Besides, the methods utilized by the smugglers are intriguing, especially to the coin collectors in the audiences. Republic's all-purpose leading lady Dorothy Patrick co-stars. Under Mexicali Stars manages to evenly balance its action highlights and musical numbers, to everyone's satisfaction.
Actors: Rex Allen, Dorothy Patrick, Roy Barcroft, Buddy Ebsen, Percy Helton.
In this exciting film, Rex plays a U.S. undercover Treasury Agent who is sent to the small border town of El Norte to uncover a counterfeiting ring. He discovers they’re using helicopters to smuggle gold, but that doesn’t stop the Arizona Cowboy and his Wonder Horse KoKo from putting the bad guys behind bars.,