Robert Danilo

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47" x 31 1/4"
INV. #:
Original. Superphosphates
Votre Terre Exige Des-
Surounded by plump ripe vegitables and fruit, a charming young brunette holds onto a large bundle of wheat. A radiant smile graces her face as she looks out at the viewer, expressing her joy of her land. Beneath her, translated, is written "Your Land Needs SUPERPHOSPHATE".

In the 1840s, scientists found that coprolites could be dissolved in sulfuric acid to produce what became known as superphosphate.

In 1840, Justus Von Liebig wrote, "The crops on the field diminish or increase in exact proportion to the diminution or increase of the mineral substances conveyed to it in manure." Von Liebig was the first to discover that phosphate of lime in bone meal could be rendered more readily available to plants by treatment with sulfuric acid. Sir John Bennett Lawes about the same time discovered that phosphate rock underwent the same reaction and could be used as a source ingredient.
Bennett Lawes was the first to manufacture superphosphate at his factory in Deptford, England in 1842. - Yara, 2008