Gil Elvgren (1914 - 1980)

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Skirts Ahoy
33.5" x 16"
INV. #:
Skirts Ahoy - Brown and Bigelow.
Original pin-up; archivally mounted on acid free linen.

This coy brunette sailor-girl of Skirts Ahoy blushingly holds onto both her white skirt and hat as a strong wind threatens to blow both up and off! Seated on a lounge chair on a ship deck, she was enjoying herself, relaxing in the sunshine and reading a magazine.

This saucy image is for a calendar pin up for the Brown & Bigelow company.

“The lovely lass of “Skirts Ahoy” may not be in the same league of Helen of Troy, whose beauty was so great it was responsible for the launching of a thousand ships, but it’s easy to see she has what it takes to turn a peaceful summer cruise into maritime madness. Sailors on watch won’t be watching what sailors are suppose to watch, and cooks in the mess hall will make a mess.
But then these are standard reactions to an “Elvgren Girl”.” (Written on the calendar.)