Napoleon - Radio City Music Hall
38.25 x 24
INV. #:
Napoleon, taken from Abel Gances 1927 Masterpiece. Musical score performed live by the American Symphony Orchestra . Artist signature lower right. Composed and conducted by Carmine Coppola.

Printed by Zoetroppe Studios.
American Zoetrope is a studio founded by Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas. Founded in 1969, American Zoetrope was an early adopter of digital filmmaking. Coppola named the studio after a zoetrope he was given in the late 1960s by the filmmaker and collector of early film devices. The company was also known as Zoetrope Studios from 1979 until 1990. "Zoetrope" is also the name by which Coppola's quarterly fiction magazine, Zoetrope All-Story, is often known.

Mounted on thin board backing.

Francis Ford Coupla presents:
Musical score performed live by the American Symphony Orchestra composed and conducted by Carmine Coppola; Francis Coppola's father.
Radio City Music Hall Entertainment Center.

Film Description: Napoleon, the classic 1927 Abel Gance French Napoleonic military war melodrama starring Albert Dieudonne (as the famous French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte), Paul Amiot, Annabella (born Suzanne Georgette Charpentier in France, she appeared in "Napoleon" in 1927 and became a major French star; in 1938, she made "Suez" with Tyrone Power, and afterwards married him, and remained in Hollywood for nine years, and was always billed simply as "Annabella"), and Antonin Artaud