Xavier Allard

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Petre Devos Audenaerde (Beer)
47.5" x 63"
INV. #:
Petre Devos Audenaerde
Glass number seven and counting! A rather unusual--and actually rather amusing--poster for Petre Devos beer, a Flemish brew made in the village of Oudenaard. And as imagined by the artist whose initials--either "X. A." or
"X. Ch." (see lower right corner) ---this curiously thirsty barrel-bot from the future with a frothy pint-glass head simply can't get enough of the beer in question. Interestingly enough, the lettering used here would later inspire a typographical font bearing the same name as the beverage. [Ref: PAI -XLI, 79]
This poster has been archivally mounted on linen, and it's in great shape.
And yes, this is the original of the authentic vintage poster as seen on your television show the Big Bang Theory.