Roger Bezombes (1913 - 1994)

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Air France Mediterranean
23.5 x 39.5
INV. #:
Air France: Mediterranean, the 1980 French airplane airline aviation travel poster promoting travel to the Mediterranean Sea and featuring art of a barracuda looking fish created by Roger Bezombes.
From 1974 the “Artistic” displays created for Air France was controlled by a “selection committee”, This committee frowned on these posters done by Bezombes as being “too modern” “too strange” and were generally not following the Air France direction/brand.
The President of AF, Pierre Giraudet, however saw this project, appreciated it and asked Gerard Orizet to take this project on board. This however took 7 years of cajoling, persuading before it came to fruition in 1980.
They were officially unveiled in 1981 at the Beaubourg museum in Paris. Printer: Mourlot Imp. Paris.