Ralph Iligan (1894 - 1960)

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Industry: The Arsenal Of Democracy
16 x 20
INV. #:
America Building better dreams with teamwork. Excellent condition World War One original poster that is linen backed. Along the yellow bar of border at the top of the poster in white lettering is the title of the poster which is, "INDUSTRY ** THE ARSENAL OF DEMOCRACY." The largest image is in color and is of the skyline of a large urban city which focuses on the industries blowing out smoke. In the smoke in the sky is an apparition of a soldier blowing a trumpet and the American flag. Under this image is another image in black and white of men and women walking arm in arm. Directly under this image is a verse in quotes "The Call to Defense is a Call to Us All." To the right of the b/w is a quote from J. Mason Knox "?It is not the individual or the army as a whole, but the everlastin' teamwork of every bloomin' soul."