Lavocat aliments irradies
27" x 36.25"
INV. #:
Lavocat aliments irradies Force, Energie par les produits. Original. Mounted on acid free archival linen.

A rugby player carrying the ball appears to have the speed and strength of a horse. For behind him is a black horse which appears to be neck and neck with the rugby player. His strength and speed are a result of Lavocat, irradiated food.

"Many health experts agree that using a process called irradiation can be an effective way to help reduce food-borne hazards and ensure that harmful organisms are not in the foods we buy. During irradiation, foods are exposed briefly to a radiant energy source such as gamma rays or electron beams within a shielded facility. Irradiation is not a substitute for proper food manufacturing and handling procedures. But the process, especially when used to treat meat and poultry products, can kill harmful bacteria, greatly reducing potential hazards."- FDA