Norman Rockwell (1894-1978)

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Freedom of Worship (Large)
56.5" x 40.5"
INV. #:
Men and women of various races and faiths, including a woman with rosary beads, clasp hands together in prayer.
Part of a set of 4- The 4 Freedoms - inspired by the famous speech Roosevelt made during World War 2. The paintings were commissioned by the Saturday evening post, and later picked up by the government to inspire patriotism across America. The set of 4 was printed in two sizes. This is the smaller version of the two. This poster has been archivally mounted on linen, and it has received expert restoration to the creases, where it was once folded to be sent through the mail. The creases are hardly visible now. The poster is in excellent condition.
"OWI Poster No. 43. "U.S. Government Printing Office : 1943--O-510256"
Reference: American Style p.132, Posters for Victory p. 40ff, Design for Victory p.37, War Posters 210 (var.)