Marcellin Auzolle (1862-1942)

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Le Thermogene
65.75" x 50.5"
INV. #:
Very rare original vintage horizontal poster done by Auzolle and the design work of Leonetto Cappiello. A sensational poster for Thermogene. Auzolle, working for the printer Vercasson (which printed nearly all of Leonetto Cappiello's best posters), implanted a small Cappiello poster for Thermogene on this wagon. Thermogene was a heating pad, so one can see why this would be an effective advertisement. The wagon is being drawn through the snow by beautiful wolves. This is one of the most breathtaking posters we have ever had the pleasure to offer. The poster is archivally mounted on linen, and it is in wonderful condition, with no blemishes whatsoever. We believe this to be the only known copy of this poster.