M. Fucci

Tira Al Piccione -Roma Un Milione
38" x 54"
INV. #:
Original Tiro al Piccione (trap shooting) world champsionship held in Rome, Italy. 21 October - 5 November 1936. Note that the numbers XIV - XV indicate the Facist year(s). After WW1 the calendar was reset, and therefore the change of years was some date between the 21st of October and the 5th of November.

The 1936 world trap-shooting championship; Tiro al Piccione.
Powerful pre world war II poster. The award for winning in 1936 would have been 1 million lire.

Federazione Italiana Tiro a Volo; Xth Annual della T.I.T.A.V. 1926 - 1936.
This shows the American flag flying next to the Nazi flag for the skeet shooting championship in Italy. Note that the year 1935 corresponds with the fascist year date of XIV-XV. Museum linen backed.