Lloyd Harrison

Corn The Food of the Nation
21 x 30"
INV. #:
Original, linen backed, and rare U. S. Government World War 1 vintage poster.
Corn - the Food of the Nation Serve Some Way Every Meal : Appetizing, Nourishing, Economical.
This WWI Poster was created by the United States Food Administration during WWI to promote the domestic consumption of corn over more valuable items such as beef: "Corn - the food of the nation. Serve some way every meal. Appetizing. Nourishing. Economical." Illustrated by artist Lloyd Harrison, c. 1918.
Poster showing a woman serving muffins, pancakes, and grits, with cannisters on the table labeled corn meal, grits, and hominy.
9 ( Baltimore : Harrison-Landauer))
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