Leonetto Cappiello (1875 - 1942)

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Cachou Lajaunie
38" x 53.75"
$5001 to $8000
INV. #:
Cappiello's 1st poster for Lajaunie breath freshening pastilles ("indispensable for smokers") His client, Mr. Lajaunie wrote to Vercasson, the printer, to say that in France and abroad numerous collectors were asking for copies of this beloved image.
His early style of flat planes and colors–rooted in his experience as a caricaturist–is very different from the more dimensional design we see in the second image, done two decades after and printed by Devambez. The client, Mr. Lajaunie, wrote glowingly to Vercasson: “When you submitted the maquette of my poster by Cappiello, I simply told you I was satisfied. . . . Today [a year later] I appreciate it better still for the originality of the design and the happy choice of colors. This poster has truly contributed to the increasing success of my candies. In France and abroad, numerous collectors have asked me for a copy, which proves to me the favor this poster has garnered among the public and among connoisseurs” (Cappiello, 231). This is the Spanish version.

The pharmacist, Leon Lajaunie, set up his pharmacy in Toulouse. After developing several invigorating elixirs, he turned to cachous, as an aramotic for perfuming the breath whose strong flavor covered smoker's breath. (Health posters, p 169.)