Leonetto Cappiello (1875 - 1942)

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La Parisine
10 3/4" x 7 1/2"
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Rare original: La Parisine, liqueor digestive, artist: Leonetto Cappiello. Year: 1907.

Leonetto Cappiello (1875 – 1942)
Le Rire No 246 (New Series) 19th of October 1907 Back Cover, original Lithograph Cappiello: The Posters of Cappiello The publication of this series "Les Affiches De Cappiello" formerly records the early stages of the artists mastery of poster art and his pioneering explorations of the modern advertising idiom. In this image cappiello compares the beneficial effects of a medicinal tonic with those of La Parisine (a theatrical prosuction). The men hold before and after pictures. Original Lithograph measures 9 x 12 inches and in A+ Condition, Linen Backed.

Original. Mounted on acid free archival linen.