Leonetto Cappiello (1875 - 1942)

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Fremito D' Amore
14" x 10 3/4"
INV. #:
Rare Cappiello Original.
Fremito d'Amore Fresissement d'Amore.
Alfrede Barbirolli
Mounted on acid free archival linen. Presented in an acid free museum mat.

Hues of purples pinks and yellows surround a lady, with her eyes closed her shall is lifted upwards. A smile touches her lips, and her posture creates a calm whimsical almost dream-like demeanor about her. One hand is clasped to her heart; the other begins to reach out to an unknown partner. A slow waltz by Alfredo Barbirolli is what she hears and creates this colorful dream-world about her. This lovely woman, (The Countess Edmond de Pouriales) created by the ingenious advertiser Leonetto Cappiello, dons the cover for song by Barbirolli.